Sunday, April 6, 2008

south wind

where are you dear wind?
i thought i already found you.
u came.
but you left so soon.
too soon that
when i reached to feel you,
you were gone.

i never thought
i'd miss those stares
u cast me.
i never thought
i'd feel this uneasy
whenever i realized
that you're already nowhere.

it was so soon.
u came
and breathed...
but that was all.

i call you breeze
coz u brought movement
to my still heart.

u looked.
and left.

but u moved me.
yes, you did.
and it is only now
that i realized...
that i'm alone...

silly waiting
for a wind that's
never meant to be held...
never meant to be grasped...
never meant to be owned.

but can i just ask u 1 thing...
please come back
even if you're not gonna stay...
just return my heart
and i'll be okay.