Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sundays really keep me occupied. But one thing that I remind myself to do is to spritz on a scent during break times. And just now before I remembered to blog, I saw the Celine Dion Sensational perfume that Langga gave me 2weeks ago. Ooh, so chic. ;)

The name's catchy. Haha, am I really sensational even without the scent? What qualifies a woman for the term? Hmm... I guess I wanna start thinking about the word from now on. It could lead to something deeper about influencing a generation like mine...

Hey, did the word trigger me, or was it the scent that caused that? =p

(By the way, sweet thanks again, Langga *hugs*)

Friday, June 18, 2010

ID Team

One of my Encounter (our periodical retreat in church--where i serve as a volunteer staff for 4yrs now *wink*) blues is making the name badge. I am always excited each batch when I come to think of how it should look--design madness. And I have to admit, I am still a graphic freak--since when. And to be more honest, I have no plans of stopping myself from the sweet indulgence of this digital collection (where do i put them to use? well, i should be writing a different blog about it). Hehe.

And so today's another Encounter Friday, I'm usually nerving myself on the ID-making. And I haven't started yet. =(. I lost my graphic/photo editor, which brings me to downloading another. Here's what I got today: Adobe Fireworks CS5! My new best friend, I guess! Yay!

Off to work now.