Saturday, October 2, 2010

exibits stir my right brain

A cell network's promo girl asked me, "Maam, are you one of the exhibitors at the atrium?" Hmm... Do I look like one? "...because I see you here everyday." Haha.

And yes, it's my second visit to Gaisano Mall's Feliz Matrimonio exhibit. Really, the visits triggered my right brain. And along with me were Reload's prominent event planners--Dion, Langga and Joyce. ('Was with Weng yester). To our hearts desires and our mind's eye, we were dreaming of how the next anniversary would be--and now without a doubt, the trending instant photo booth would be one of the highlights!

Ideas and more--precious hours for these and fellowship... There went I to feed my thoughts... *click-click-click*