Saturday, April 9, 2011

first business meeting

Business meetings are familiar to me. I have more than four in a week. But it was only last March 28 did we decide to go out from the bounds of BCC and book one mini hall to host thirteen of us. We were in our business attires, laptops and reports in Powerpoint. Lots of great things that night. My girls are amazing--very creative, thoughtful, willing and ready to make action.

Should I add more, we were speaking in English the entire night, and photographing each other! It was seriously fun! =D And look at that polaroid photo by Perfectly cool to make us remember the rich night.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Third Day So Far

 [photo not mine]

Entering another year, and best yet, another decade. We all speculate, what's there for me? Too many things can happen in a year. But we can't live waiting to receive what's there for us. We can reverse the cycle of getting into pouring and giving what we can that others might receive their what's-there-for-me's. Who knows, we are God's answers. Yes, this year, let's not just pray for answers but becoming these [answers] to a world full of people in tangles of their hopeless questions.

The first week isn't over yet. (not too late). Scribble:
what you see in 2011...
what do you want to see in 2011...
what God wants you to see in 2011...

Yes, envision.

We're not too poor not to give, nor too rich not to receive. (borrowed--can't remember who said this. =p)
Cheers to the year ahead! :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

exibits stir my right brain

A cell network's promo girl asked me, "Maam, are you one of the exhibitors at the atrium?" Hmm... Do I look like one? "...because I see you here everyday." Haha.

And yes, it's my second visit to Gaisano Mall's Feliz Matrimonio exhibit. Really, the visits triggered my right brain. And along with me were Reload's prominent event planners--Dion, Langga and Joyce. ('Was with Weng yester). To our hearts desires and our mind's eye, we were dreaming of how the next anniversary would be--and now without a doubt, the trending instant photo booth would be one of the highlights!

Ideas and more--precious hours for these and fellowship... There went I to feed my thoughts... *click-click-click*

Monday, August 9, 2010


Three months in Belfast, Ireland would finally end. in two weeks, Papaps would be here... weeee! =D But oh, 5extra days of stopover in SG and Malaysia with mom is a tease. They're gonna spend less than a week of vacay to celebrate their 29th wedding anniv... =)

All of us here in Davao are missing him too much already. What could he be feeling now, too? Family life and ministry would be a lot different with Papa around here. And for that, I do need a time of prayer and fasting for fourteen days... not alone, of course. =)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

AUGUST 2010 desktop photo frame for free!

just an attempt. =)
insert your photos on frame ;)

download 1024 x 768 photo frame here.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

here's a copy of the mini-mag we made for Reload-Mag; Purpleblood's maiden issue! ;)
download here

Until then! ;)

Friday, July 23, 2010

ready for explosion

disclaimer: pink background photo is borrowed.

Micah will be speaking at Youth Reload tonight. It will be her first jump as a pastor to a separate network. Separate? Waaaaaah! =( =)

Will post photos later.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How To Embed A Link On Comments

Example Comment:

check this:
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I delight to share the steps to you:
1. Let's start with the following text:

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4. Do the same for your site. =)


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

teased by the day

Coral and Andrew: Wedding Trailer from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

I love weddings! Not just because I'm a preacher's daughter (I get to witness a lot of those!)--I simply love to see two people celebrating their love for each other. Yes, people in-love are the most beautiful, most easy-to-talk to, and most contagious! Haha!

I am twenty-seven. I get a lot of teasing and questions if ever I want to marry and when. I guess people are excited to see me on the altar--but I can't be less thrilled. I'll surely have my time. It is both coming soon and tarrying for a while--helping me get ready in three ways: Pray, Preserve, Prepare. I know it's one of the most serious of all undertakings one has to undergo, I also look forward to the creatives. It doesn't have to be really fancy. At least, it shouldn't be dull. With too many things to consider and pay for to create a wedding of one's dreams, right now, I think most of the documentation part--after all, they last more--yes, they immortalize the moments of that big day.

1) Pre-Nup. A creative teaser like the one embedded on this entry is inspiring! Mayad Studios is one of the pro's these days! Really good! And another video during the preparations maybe. The wedding day isn't just about the exact I-Do date, but is a result of its preceding solars. And hey, maybe a compilation of moments during the despidida-de-soltera (bridal shower).
Again, to note:
a. teaser
b. compilation of the preps (short messages form friends and family; going to rentals and possible venues... planning moments... and dates in-between =D)
c. bridal shower highlights

Cerille and Martin from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

2) Nuptial Day. I love same-day edit videos! They're short and practically feed the goads of the guests.

3) Post-Nup. Or, maybe, I should put the messages from friends and family on this part... hmmm... yeah... well-wishers! Most definitely, a video log of the honeymoon should be one! And right, this one should turn us professional videographers of ourselves such that we can't bring pros this time!

Sigh. I'm teased by the glorious day.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Her name is {Cheekai}. She's a Q8. She's mine since April 15, 2010. I'm glad dual-SIM phones are available now in the Philippines. Cherry Mobile and MyPhone are the popular leading brands on phones of this sort. It's practicality and user-friendly make it a darling to students, housewives and business people. We Filipinos are known for texting and telecommunication networks in the country charge us low on calls and SMS.

For my case, I want my phone to store a lot of contacts; it's Qwerty keypad makes it easier and faster for me to communicate. I love how easy it is to transfer photos (I find it hard to scroll on my photos while using the phone, though) from phone to PC. It's handy. However, my unit shuts off a lot--it is not shock proof. It is a little tiring in turning it on. I was a little dismayed that it doesn't store copies of my outgoing messages. But now that I learned to set the "sent items" to its "outbox", I'm loving her more! My everyday best friend!

If funds rise, I might get the Eclipse unit.

  • Dual SIM/Dual Standby
  • QWERTY keypad
  • Trackball navigation
  • Camera 2.0 MP
  • Multimedia player
  • WIFI
  • Analog TV
  • FM radio
  • Motion sensor
  • Bluetooth (A2DP/AVRCP)
  • GPRS/MMS capable

  • Quad Band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Micro SD up to 4GB
  • 65K TFT, 2.2" LCD color display

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We went island hopping yesterday with our foreign guests--speaker at the conference we held. friends from the States and Mexico enjoyed Samal's (IGaCoS) peaceful waves.

While they enjoyed snorkeling, i was thrilled by the crash course on photography that Kuya Roy gave me. He helped me with D60--aperture, ISO... shutter speed... i'm getting the hand of it! in the middle of the day, he made me use his D300s! happy me! hahaha! =D

I wish I could even call myself a budding photographer. Scenes and candids captivate me, and i do want to immortalize them--thanks to the invention of cameras. I just couldn't spell the genius!

Gotta play with manual-mode now. ;)

Monday, July 12, 2010

train of edibles

Last week had been edibly tight. I was out and about the city with friends.

Came Monday, guests from Pangasinan arrived at cold 5:00am. Treated them for lunch at Davao's local pride, Penong's. They are known for the unlimited rice offer. Clap your hands twice, and you get another serving!

Tuesday, 4 family-sized pizza from Pizza Hut was a good partner for the SM4 meeting! We were never bored!

Wednesday, lunch at Tita Annie's. Buffet lunch at P99.00. It was my first time there. The place was packed with business men and employees during their lunch break. Hmm, looks like I will be a frquent visitor to Roxas Avenue. Had merienda at McDonald's. We had dinner at Ahfat, the third resto. Aah, our favorite. Everything masarap! Our guests kept thanking us for bringing them there. =). We still wanted something for a chill, we headed to Damosa's Ice Giants. Mango Magnifico! Nyum!

Thursday, dinner date with sibs at Mandarin, SM. I'm amenable that I'm the least into Chinese-food in the fam.

Friday, a date with Langga at Calda. Pizza was a good company for intimate talks!

Saturday, afternoon chill with Salem and Jethro at Jollibee. We had fun analyzing the cars drive-thru-ing! ;) And then another pizza date at Mama Maria's Pizzeria at J.P. Laurel Avenue. This time with Weng. My second Calzone this week. We still wanted to gab, we crossed the street and stayed at Chicco de Cafe for the wee hours of the night.

I'm glad Davao's got a host of resto's and food lounges. And just like our guests, I'm in love more with Davao. Food is not just the way to a man's heart; it's one to a woman's, too. Trust me! =p