Monday, May 25, 2009

Beauty And The Barbarian

From Anne, To Anne. Haha, at talaga namang nagkaintindihan tau noh?! Ingat ka jan, kasi dala mo phone mo. tsk.

Once upon a time, a young princess wandered through the woods. A nasty and barbarous man spotted the lovely princess and approached her. He offered her the “pleasure” of becoming his bride and living with him in the shack he called home.

After a quick look at this barbarian and his residence, the princess flatly refused. She told him she would never marry a man who couldn’t respect himself or his home. She wanted someone honorable like her father, the king. Then off she went to the beautiful castle.

The barbarian was crushed.
In the following days, he couldn’t get the pure and noble princess out of his mind. Finally he vowed to win her, no matter what. He decided the only way to do this was to become a noble man himself.

He observed the king from afar, watching his actions and listening to his speech. He noticed and admired the king’s integrity and dignity. The king’s character captivated the barbarian. He wanted to be just like him. He still longed to marry the princess, but now his desire to become as noble as the king exceeded even his love for the princess.

Slowly but surely, as the barbarian modeled his behavior after the king, his appearance and manner were refined. He also worked long and hard to transform his home into a beautiful estate surrounded by well-tendered gardens.

Finally he felt ready to approach the princess once more. This time the princess was so impressed that she promised to consider his request to become his bride. Eventually the two were wed, and (you guessed it) they lived happily ever after.

author: unknown