Monday, January 3, 2011

Third Day So Far

 [photo not mine]

Entering another year, and best yet, another decade. We all speculate, what's there for me? Too many things can happen in a year. But we can't live waiting to receive what's there for us. We can reverse the cycle of getting into pouring and giving what we can that others might receive their what's-there-for-me's. Who knows, we are God's answers. Yes, this year, let's not just pray for answers but becoming these [answers] to a world full of people in tangles of their hopeless questions.

The first week isn't over yet. (not too late). Scribble:
what you see in 2011...
what do you want to see in 2011...
what God wants you to see in 2011...

Yes, envision.

We're not too poor not to give, nor too rich not to receive. (borrowed--can't remember who said this. =p)
Cheers to the year ahead! :)

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