Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How To Embed A Link On Comments

Example Comment:

check this:
You have a very nice blog.
You may want to visit My Blog, too.

I delight to share the steps to you:
1. Let's start with the following text:

2. Change LINK with the url of your site.

3. Change text with the text you wanted to link to the site.

4. Do the same for your site. =)



  1. OH thank us sooo muchieeee...i had been going nuts typing my full blog link into comments and then sadly realizing that only very few will make the effort to cut and paste it into the address bar to reach my blog...u solved a biggiee., becoming ur to follow mine??

  2. just checking now

    do visit my blog..
    The Emotional Lava

    and plzz u also become a follower and dun forget to comment!!

  3. great post! :)

    new follower!