Tuesday, July 20, 2010

teased by the day

Coral and Andrew: Wedding Trailer from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

I love weddings! Not just because I'm a preacher's daughter (I get to witness a lot of those!)--I simply love to see two people celebrating their love for each other. Yes, people in-love are the most beautiful, most easy-to-talk to, and most contagious! Haha!

I am twenty-seven. I get a lot of teasing and questions if ever I want to marry and when. I guess people are excited to see me on the altar--but I can't be less thrilled. I'll surely have my time. It is both coming soon and tarrying for a while--helping me get ready in three ways: Pray, Preserve, Prepare. I know it's one of the most serious of all undertakings one has to undergo, I also look forward to the creatives. It doesn't have to be really fancy. At least, it shouldn't be dull. With too many things to consider and pay for to create a wedding of one's dreams, right now, I think most of the documentation part--after all, they last more--yes, they immortalize the moments of that big day.

1) Pre-Nup. A creative teaser like the one embedded on this entry is inspiring! Mayad Studios is one of the pro's these days! Really good! And another video during the preparations maybe. The wedding day isn't just about the exact I-Do date, but is a result of its preceding solars. And hey, maybe a compilation of moments during the despidida-de-soltera (bridal shower).
Again, to note:
a. teaser
b. compilation of the preps (short messages form friends and family; going to rentals and possible venues... planning moments... and dates in-between =D)
c. bridal shower highlights

Cerille and Martin from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

2) Nuptial Day. I love same-day edit videos! They're short and practically feed the goads of the guests.

3) Post-Nup. Or, maybe, I should put the messages from friends and family on this part... hmmm... yeah... well-wishers! Most definitely, a video log of the honeymoon should be one! And right, this one should turn us professional videographers of ourselves such that we can't bring pros this time!

Sigh. I'm teased by the glorious day.


  1. Went to a very unusual wedding this week - chekc back on Sunday for the post!