Monday, July 12, 2010

train of edibles

Last week had been edibly tight. I was out and about the city with friends.

Came Monday, guests from Pangasinan arrived at cold 5:00am. Treated them for lunch at Davao's local pride, Penong's. They are known for the unlimited rice offer. Clap your hands twice, and you get another serving!

Tuesday, 4 family-sized pizza from Pizza Hut was a good partner for the SM4 meeting! We were never bored!

Wednesday, lunch at Tita Annie's. Buffet lunch at P99.00. It was my first time there. The place was packed with business men and employees during their lunch break. Hmm, looks like I will be a frquent visitor to Roxas Avenue. Had merienda at McDonald's. We had dinner at Ahfat, the third resto. Aah, our favorite. Everything masarap! Our guests kept thanking us for bringing them there. =). We still wanted something for a chill, we headed to Damosa's Ice Giants. Mango Magnifico! Nyum!

Thursday, dinner date with sibs at Mandarin, SM. I'm amenable that I'm the least into Chinese-food in the fam.

Friday, a date with Langga at Calda. Pizza was a good company for intimate talks!

Saturday, afternoon chill with Salem and Jethro at Jollibee. We had fun analyzing the cars drive-thru-ing! ;) And then another pizza date at Mama Maria's Pizzeria at J.P. Laurel Avenue. This time with Weng. My second Calzone this week. We still wanted to gab, we crossed the street and stayed at Chicco de Cafe for the wee hours of the night.

I'm glad Davao's got a host of resto's and food lounges. And just like our guests, I'm in love more with Davao. Food is not just the way to a man's heart; it's one to a woman's, too. Trust me! =p

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